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  • 2009.11.17 Tuesday
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  • by スポンサードリンク


Lonely tears

Lonely tears
Ask how face, pass by day together once I? The lonely tears flow for you, flow for myself too!

At long night of winter, it is really so cold.

One rolls up in the corner of the office building, the tired out body is bent over on the desk, heart limitlessly ice-cold, companion one position strong vertebra of heart ache, sweat bedew dress.

The tear, one drop, two drops do not shed the eye socket consciously, ever think that does not mind by oneself, I who ever never admit defeat can't help to one's own and thorough despair. Think about over the years, in day passing by alone, the happiness that no silk remembers and yearning, some are only the cold and millet making me absolutely horrified!

The cold wind attacks, I have seized the clothes closely

Lighting a cigarette, I smoke two suddenly, dense strong smoke chocks so that I rise from several the Venus. The smog curls up, look at the wan and sallow eyes in the mirror, I have shaken the head helplessly.

Before hoping farther and farther, just closer and closer to reality.

Numb life, in life that twist, have to be subdued by so cruel reality. Dull and dull life, cavity but pointless existence, in the face of so cruel reality, I nearly think of the sneer at the top of one's voice.

Conduct oneself in society calmly, smile in life correctly, only cheat the lie that oneself does not change; Care about in the least, ignore Shi Yu, it is paralysis that pursue only clock fanatic heart of new student only.

Each,two steps, it is the all over the place there is eye walk at strange strange street, look by strange mental state up and down ' careful ', such and such, like this like this! Realistic life is merely mediocre, can not find true feelings and ideal, some only struggle and swindle.

Will He go, He Cong?

Stand at the crossroad in life: Crowd surge, I have lost the direction of advance.

Over-evaluate the love on earth, or has underestimated the material?

, with loving, with the future in the past, reality and dream, insisted and compromised in love. ?


"I serious life very, will become ignorant to have no measure in remembering tomorrow while being unavoidable eventually. "

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  • 2009.11.17 Tuesday
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  • by スポンサードリンク


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