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Wife's operation instructions of 12 constellations

 Wife's operation instructions of 12 constellations
Name or description: Aries wife

Date of production: White sheep's moon (the 20th of 21-4 months of March) ,Year is unlimited.

The principal ingredients: Excited 15%, 60% vigor, single-minded 20%, selfish 5%.

Main function:
1,She is a happy making machine, can produce happily continually for you.
2,It is you and child's patron saint.

Applicable crowd:
1,Person of noble aspirations with stalwart body and having sense of justice, exceeding the rest in bravery and wisdom;
2,The unmarried man has priority, the married man keeps to the side.

1,Product this in shut down or working state, please don't bother, should taste, release a large amount of saliva make you drowned.
2,It appear body red, take place hot, top of the head smoke, please pull out the power rapidly, make sure not to use by force, wait for it to be calm and steady, can be used normally after becoming the former state again.
3,Rely on this product excessively, will bring unfavorable influence to you, for instance: Will feel treat coldly or is boring. Should break away from and should taste for some time temporarily.
4,Take place at body of product this or find, should taste, appear unusual phenomenon continue use, still anger use, it's time to taste radiating and have anti-personnel energy.
5,If this product presents the little burst of trouble, please don't take notice of, it comes quickly to go fast, so the user should learn to adapt to and yield to, can be for a long time its service time.
6,Can't use other similar products while using, otherwise apt to present dog's blood to drench the head or bloody nose and swollen face symptom.

Taboo: Like choply and changely, disobey the persons who supervise, should not all.

Preserve: Can't lay home aside for a long time, you had better carry it to the regional scenic spot to get sun regularly.

Packaging: Cloth and ornaments with bright, simple and generous color are the most suitable for packaging.

The remarks: This product has uniqueness, can't duplicate, treasure carefully.

Name or description: Taurus wife

Date of production: Jin NiuYue (the 20th of 21-5 months of April) ,Year is chosen with users.

The principal ingredients: Stubborn 65%, guard 25%, steady 10%.

Main function: This product can become the good assistant in user's life, since the baby nurses the appearance, it is a cash cow, whether or table delicacies making machine.

Applicable crowd: It has cars to have depositors that there are rooms, the good one of patience has priority.

1,Product this soft to receive hard, can't go on, control with strong means, should taste with form of strike in order to show, protest.
2,Use, should take, in line with a sincere heart, if there is evil thought taste, all functions will annul.
3,In a situation that user's economic situation is unstable, its operation has unstability too.
4,Operation procedure and environment which should be tasted in change that can't be random, otherwise it will present the function not normally.
5,When should taste fatigue state ing, should let it shut down, show some brisk music, let it rest and reorganize in relaxed environment. Let it operate still, lead to the fact it want, get, maintain organization repair finally while being easy extremely.
6,Often use first-class maintenance raw materials as the motive force source and run into in body of this product, can add motive force for it, work its magic above average, and can lengthen useful life.
7,When this product is according to its one's own law operation, please don't intention change, should it tastes to be will various states of appearance that user control, will injure user's body most probably.

Taboo: Does not understand that love the liar romantically, person who doesn't have at all economic ability forbids.

Preserve: This product should be put in the room with steady environment, and should not change and preserve the place easily.

Packaging: With soft cloth of style that can use four seasons being his parcel.

The remarks: This product has uniqueness, can't duplicate, treasure carefully.

Name or description: Gemini wife

Date of production: One pair of sub moons (the 21st of 21-6 months of May) ,Year is the best younger than users' year.

The principal ingredients: 62% apt to change, sensitive 20%, 18% of curiosity.

Main function: She is a vigor spirit, can bring freshly and amazingly for users' life.

Applicable crowd: It is most suitable to pursue feeling of freshness and persons who change, secondly it is that the appearance is young and the one full of vigor.

1,This product noise and movement range relatively heavy, user should exercise produce better holding capacity first before not using.
2,When users use this product, may meet and should taste the burst of change at any time, please don't feel surprised, but want optimistic adaptation and face.
3,This product will often run not according to the procedure, users do not need and control and turn back excessively, should taste will from partial with goal that you establish.
4,This product is working permanence the transient,so user should constant have it placed go on operate in different field.

Taboo: Obtuse, dull-witted, persons who fall behind, please halt. Can pick up to the persons who can not put down, please don't touch.

Preserve: Lay this product aside in the open air for a long time, it is comparatively suitable to place in home once in a while.

Packaging: Mainly pack in order to rich in sense of the times, light and handy style and materialing, the packaging changing different styles once in a while will be the good choice.

The remarks: This product has uniqueness, can't duplicate, treasure carefully.

Name or description: Cancer wife

Date of production: Huge crab's moon (the 22nd of 22-7 months of June) ,Year needs users to like.

The principal ingredients: Sensitive 52%, loyal 18%, fragile 15%, glue and stick 5%.

Main function:
1,She is " nurse " Treatment user and family that the robot can be omni-directional.
2,She is the insurance too, collect the cupboard.

Applicable crowd: Pay attention to emotion, know how, maintain, cherish product this male and preferential.

1,When this product breaks down, should adopt and retreat in order to advance, the way to wait and see is dealt with, wait for it and can continue running after repairing by oneself.
2,Once determine to use this product to bear its strong stickness, if users have repugnant acts, it's time to taste the state used of repelling in for a long timing.
3,During the process of using, users do not treasure slightly, this product will disobey the situation that users appoint.
4,While using this product, should not merely cherish this product, its additional product should be cherished in unison too, can guarantee its effective service time's limitless extension.
5,This product stored the internal thing in the past, users can't read or delete without authorization, otherwise unable to use for some time should taste.

Taboo: Attachment to the family no the powerhouse please don't near; Usufruct will be limited seriously outside person for a long time.

Preserve: Ask users to place this product on the harmonious, quiet place far away from dangerous article, can take it and relieve boredom everywhere if once in a while, can play a role in charging.

Packaging: Guard, miss old times or old friends material of style can embody sophisticated appeal of product this very much decoration their.

The remarks: This product has uniqueness, can't duplicate, treasure carefully.

Name or description: Leo wife

Date of production: Lion's moon (7.23 - - 8.22) ,Year selects at the same time.

The principal ingredients: 51% of dignity, supercilious 24%, generous 18%, courageous and resolute 5%, kind 2%.

Main function:
1,Can be used in the ornamental artistic style house, must reach the splendid result.
2,Can become users' undertaking helping hand device, not only can serve as the staff of authority, can also clear the way for you.
3,Show this product once in a while that can prop up foot face for you in front of a pack of rogues.
4,She is still a direction sign, can crane one's neck to look into the distance for you in various fields.

Applicable crowd: Have undertaking ideal and persons who pursue, can for praise and the loyal one to this product.

1,The internal and external textures of this product are just hard and solid, it is anxious and soft and fragile not to need, but can stud with the diamond on its surface once in a while, exquisite and beautiful body of mineral such as the gold, platinum on tongued bell, in order to make and maintain.
2,It is very capable to consume gold, if does not control appropriately, user's credit card, bankbook will claim to be invalid.
3,Should not should taste, put home, prevent stale to get rusty, avoid, waste one's talent on a petty job mistake it second first often.
4,Before not losing efficiency completely in it, don't use other like products, in case that you are homeless!, no utility will arise to you to should taste from then on.
5,The behavior is base, the petty and low one please reuse after correcting one's errors and making a fresh start, in case that this product produces various obstacles, in case that you near.
6,Will present the situation not working to the timid and cowardly one.
7,May be oppressed while using, manhood has no place to give play to, feel the state not needed oneself, if can keep the psychology optimistic and gentle, this phenomenon can be removed.

Taboo: Forbid the allergic one, persons who worship money like life, ambition controlled like pinprick person.

Preserve: Should put people lively place more in often, carry it participate in social activity, friend's having a get-together, pastime amusement often, let her feel the need, function is great.

Packaging: Pack magnificent materials such as various brocade, fur, on stretch,etc., the jewel of famous and precious gold and silver, in order to intersperse. Packaging color is the most suitable with red and golden yellow.

The remarks: This product has uniqueness, can't duplicate, treasure carefully.

Name or description: Virgo wife

Date of production: Virgin's moon (the 22nd of 23-9 months of August) ,Year can be ordered according to user's requirement.

The principal ingredients: Conscientious and meticulous 60%, criticize 15% spirit, clean 15% addiction, feel self-humiliation 10%.

Main function: This product is an advanced clearing up device, the flaw appraises the appearance, can arrange the robot of house work.

Applicable crowd: Gentle, does not like commanding the users of this product, clean, hardworking and thrifty users are the best,

1,The environment that this product is in should be often cleared up, if incidentals such as dusts,etc. appear, it's time to taste and enter the crazy state.
2,When this product is sending out the noise constantly, users reply by rational means, please, must guard against giving out and complaining about sound.
3,Users try hard to correct one's own shortcoming or cover up while using, otherwise will appear and should taste the situation not working to operate.
4,If users do not know how to respect the work achievement of this product, the severe resistance that should be tasted.
5,Find product this have issue any, can revise in time, should can taste good full play his function.

Taboo: Untidy user, careless user unsuitable to use product this.

Preserve: This product should be put and kept under the clean and succinct environment.

Packaging: Use clean comfortable cloth his parcel already but.

The remarks: This product has uniqueness, can't duplicate, treasure carefully.

Name or description: Libra wife

Date of production: Balance moon of day (the 22nd of 23-10 months of September) ,According to the user's needs in year.

The principal ingredients: Gentle and cultivated 55%, glamour spends 20%, 10% of affinity, 5% of opportunism.

Main function:
1,This product is soul placebo, and will be that user's best soul sticks to the person.
2,Estheticism is strong, can beautify users' life.

Applicable crowd: Enthusiastic in helping others and the fair and just pretty users of user, appearance, very witty users, can all well control a product.

1,This product can only share user's half the affairs, it suffer users' unfairness treatment, will close all operation procedures automatically.
2,It's time to taste and have function that produces a male heir to continue the family line, but not good at bringing up the future generation.
3,This product resolution strength is low, so users should do a good job of operation planning, procedure ahead of time, so that it is operated according to the orbit, it will be in confused state otherwise should taste.
4,The core of this product is comparatively fragile, so users should take good care of diligently, treat wholeheartedly, its service life can be for a long time.
5,Users can't have ugly behavior of any to appear, can't uglify the appearance of this product either during using, otherwise their all parts will be depleted gradually.

1,Selfish and the persons who can't respect this product forbid.
2,The feature is sorry, the ugly one of behavior is forbidden.

Preserve: The beautiful place with artistic breath can store this product for a long time.

Packaging: Have artistry, beautiful thing can advantage prominent to come out appearance of product this.

The remarks: This product has uniqueness, can't duplicate, treasure carefully.

Name or description: Scorpio wife

Date of production: Scorpio moon (10.23 - - 11.21) ,Users are very free in year.

The principal ingredients: 60% endurance, bellicose 32%, privately owned to want 4%, 4% of jealousy.

Main function:
1,Product to be omnipotent for product,when users meet difficulty can mights conspicuous.
2,Can let you experience **Enormous suck gravitation.
3,Can bring thrill to dull life, in order to love adventurous users for creating amazingly.
4,The greatest advantage of this product is: While making house work tools such as washing machine, swab,etc., do not send out any sound, want, be house work want, select the products user that chatter.

Applicable crowd: 1, Loyal and steadfast, sensitive and perceptual to the emotion and male; 2,Not good at the peacemaker that refused slowly; 3,Special powerhouse of heart endurance.

1,Product this need a constant one when being busy.
2,This product has enormous energy, must not the things that may stop it in front of it put, otherwise those things will be destroyed.
3,Remind cautiously: During the process of using this product, please don't reuse other similar products, otherwise you will know what over oneself is.
4,If cold sweat symptom palpitates quickly, happens while using this product, it is the normal response.

Taboo: The big turnip fickle in love is forbidden.

Preserve: Usually put in the competitive environment or keep in the height.

Packaging: Generally select the packing materials bright in luster, with sexy style for use.

The remarks: This product has uniqueness, can't duplicate, treasure carefully.

Name or description: Sagittarius wife

Date of production: Shooter's moon (11.21 - - 12.23) ,Glad that year is up to users.

The principal ingredients: 55% freedom, optimistic 30%, hospitable 12%, rash 3%.

Applicable crowd: Suitable for passion have one's heart filled with or a ardent one male, take action, send and like, can rank, pay No. too now person.

Main function:
1,The oppressive and barren life of improvement that can be effective, let life become wild too.
2,She is a high-quality sports apparatus, improve users' physique, impel and become a master sportsman.
3,Have prominent curative effect to decadent mood.
4,This product flexible degree is very high, can operate highly difficultly.

1,In the wide world, a bit unbounded, often present the phenomenon that freedom plays an outstanding role in.
2,Should not often put home, in case that every part loses flexible degree.
3,Product this repel bolt hand-carry at the trousers belt constantly user very much.
4,Unsuitable to send out the complicated and rigorous order, in case that this product procedure is in disorder.
5,May bring the following inconvenience to user after using: Can only often enjoy one's dinner, climb up and open the door, not wake up yet and is forced to participate in sports in early morning from bed at dead of night.

1,The rigorous one of thinking logic is thick lines not adapting to this product, forbid.
2,Can't meet the house where this product control the function freely, male forbidding of reluctant to be away from home type.

Preserve: Suitable for placing it in the nature, keep circulation of the air of freedom and the shining of sunshine.

Packaging: The outer cover relies mainly on movement style, the lines are smooth.

The remarks: This product has uniqueness, can't duplicate, treasure carefully.

Name or description: Capricorn wife

Date of production: Rub castrated ram's moon (12.22 - - 1.20) ,Users' assurance that look at year.

The principal ingredients: 58% of reality, obstinate 28%, 10% of sense of duty, rigorous 4%

Main function:
1,Have assistance of this product, your life will become in good order, can reduce the emergence of the sudden incident.
2,She stores the money pot multi-functionally, can be used for storing the wealth, still promote the efficiency of the luck for wealth, guarantee to make you covered with smiles.
3,Have a good adaptability, is able to bear working, consume energy little.

Applicable crowd: The calm and steady steady and sure, does things style of the individual character is conscientious and meticulous or the words and deeds show the sincere one to the limit maly.

1,Product this belong to person who do solid work, conciliate to soul the thing can make obvious response.
2,Product this only until order of thing make corresponding response really, degree very much weak to showy and not substantial order reaction of thing.
3,Users should pay attention to keeping economy consciousness, it should not be excessive to give this product while adding the energy.
4,May let you produce gloomy, barren symptom while using.

Taboo: The free one is forbidden to handle affairs frivolously, wilfully.

Preserve: Keep away from the crowd and keep.

Packaging: Take formal related packing materials of the low-key, rigorous style as the core.

The remarks: This product has uniqueness, can't duplicate, treasure carefully.

Name or description: Aquarius wife

Date of production: Water bottle moon (1.21 - - 2.19) ,Year appoints the family to choose.

The principal ingredients: Innovative consciousness (the spirit of pioneer) 60%, rebel against 30%, frankness is 8%, independence is 2%.

Applicable crowd: Persons who have dreaming of to the undertaking strongly and desires, attention friendship person, the strong one of curiosity, the abundant one of inspiration.

Main function:
1,Use product this can make novel every day for you.
2,This product is your mascot, can let relatives and friends and your relation of home closer, if it is difficult the own high official would like to aid.
3,Can become the source of your inspiration, the thinking of irritating you disperses strength.

1,Don't let this product carry out the order by force, otherwise very apt to cause it to be out of control.
2,Unsuitable to give, should taste, set up too many regular procedure, so as not to short out and confusion of taking place.
3,Not needing to excessively worry about it, it debugs the system automatically.
4,Should taste and is far away from lies to should make, it has lie inductors, once screen the lie of sensing, will produce lossing to the inside systematically.
5,The sometimes cold and sometimes hot state takes place in this product, belong to the normal phenomenon.
6,Have a sense of may lead to the fact users emerge and is treated coldly, confused in thinkinging while using.

Taboo: Die-hard, the person who defends tradition to the last forbids.

Preserve: This product should be put in the space with wide freedom, avoid pushing.

Packaging: Take all kinds of packing materials rich in individual character and fashion element as the core.

The remarks: This product has uniqueness, can't duplicate, treasure carefully.

Name or description: Pisces wife

Date of production: One pair of fish's moons (2.20 - - 3.20) ,Individual demand that look at year.

The principal ingredients: Gentle 59%, show consideration for 25%, honest and tolerant 11%, mysterious 5%.

Applicable crowd: The male or gentle, understanding users with strong ability.

Main function:
1,This product is a small-scale docile brand robot, aptest to encourage your man's spirit, let you feel strong oneself.
2,Can let your life full of romantic breath after using, often keep fresh.
3,It is strong to obey the ability to control, behind you give out the order, this product is taken and does not miss, does not seldom work.

1,This product is fragile and fragile, movements should be soft while using, should not be rude, can hold on the palm at ordinary times.
2,Wouldn't use, should keep, well, arrange others.
3,Should not store a large amount of property with this product, in case that lost.
4,Product this procedure often the random state of, he types housekeeping of cutting, should grade the instruction procedure first in life.
5,The male contact that should not be handsome with the feature except user, is in case that not controlled by you.

Taboo: Persons who are inclined to, person who doesn't have judgment forbid the violence.

Preserve: Preserve it in the harmonious and friendly atmosphere, avoid the noise, bustling with activity environment.

Packaging: Pack the soft material, it is ornamental to mix the bow, lace lace.

The remarks: This product has uniqueness, can't duplicate, treasure carefully.


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  • by スポンサードリンク



サチにバ イ ブ突っ込んだ状態でジェットコースター乗ったぞw


オレの祖 チ ンがまさかの大活躍だぞ!!!
お姉さんに祖 チ ンもてあそばれて5万貰えて







お姉たまに騎 乗 位でヌポヌポやられちゃった!!
リードしてくれたから、童 帝のオレでも緊張しなかったぜ!!笑

デ ィ ー プ ス ロ ー トって凄すぎ・・・!!
マジでテ ィ ム コまで飲まれてるのかと思ったぞwwww
こんな経験したらもう普通のフ ェ ラじゃ満足できないって!!(*゚∀゚)=3

フ ェ ラしてもらったけど、チョー敏感になってめちゃ気持ちいいぞ!!





俺のチ ン ポやっべぇ!まさかの短 小 包 茎に5万の価値wwww
ま、こんな駄目チ ン ポでも何とかなるもんだな!!ヽ(・∀・)ノ









特にア ナ ル&フ ェ ラのダブル攻めがマジでヤバかった!!




熟 女は初だったけど、ぶっちゃけチョー気持ちよかったぞ!!




やっぱ若い子とのエ ッ チって気持ちいいな!!

ちなみにまだ初めて1ヶ月だけど、もう30万も稼いじゃいました♪\( ̄▽ ̄)



ロ リ顔の子にぶっかけちゃったよん♪♪♪(^^)
初めて逆 援 助したけどマジはまりそうだわwwwww



このサイトの女性って性 欲すごいですね。


ホテル入ったら即行で脱がされて、ち ん ぽイかされまくり!!
しかもザ ー メ ソ全部ゴックン!マジすげぇ女だったぞぉぉぉ!!(苦笑)

はじめて逆 援 助やってみたんやけど、こんなスケベ女おるんかい!!


風 俗なんか行くより、こっちで童 貞売って正解だな(* ̄ー ̄)v


スペ●マを大量に飲まれて 5万円もらった。おいしすぎるwwwww♪♪












ナオちゃん現役の看護師だから、ち ん 毛剃るのやたら上手かったし(笑)
おフ ェ ラしてもらったけど、チョー敏感になってめちゃ気持ちいいぞ!!


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