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The makeup of eyes and maintenance method

The makeup of eyes and maintenance method (Handbag Manufacturer)
From a person's eyes, we may often find out this person's natural instinct, then what is your eye? Whether full of vigor or have no spirit dimly. You are sure that it is the former Laszo to hope for, if is the latter, not important, now we begin from most basic eye maintenance and eyebrow repairing method, study how to make up and maintain in the cross-eye department.

The eye makes up and maintains

How to subside swelling for the swollen upper eyelid

A lot of people know, the ice-cubes can subside swelling. So might as well put a piece of eye in the refrigerator, is used for dealing with the swollen upper eyelid standing up in the morning. It can be by causing the eye skin to pat it lightly instantaneously closely. If you have more time, the most ideal repercussive method is to ice the cucumber stretch or ice-cubes and apply the ice with the small cloth parcels of one. In addition there are some other prevention shiner methods: For example head pillow high to a bit, keep the blood of eye circulating smoothly sleep, and eat less the soy sauce and puffed rice and will all do.

Repairment and makeup of the eyebrow

The dense intact eyebrow certainly surpasses and repairs the excessive eyebrow. If you pluck eyebrows fault, eyebrow powder can remedy eyebrow shape, spend one hard and oblique eraser slightly, brush its small and exquisite feather the head to dip in the powder of upper eyebrow, sweep the eyebrow lightly. If your eyebrow is really very sparse, decorate with the eyebrow pencil first, so that the eyebrow powder has places that can be painted. Pet CarrierFinalize the design with the mascara finally.

How to hide black orbit

If you want to deal with one's own black orbit, the best method is to hide it naturally, it is to make up to hide its best method, so long as you have grasped eye makeup skills, dealing with black eyes is then the easy thing.

Choose the cosmetics suitable of texture at first: Use and contain the scalable plastics and get hiding the lotion of flaw for the moment of the nylon composition together. "This can guarantee it is flexible that hiding the lotion of flaw will follow facial movements. "

Then choose correct color: The color of hiding the lotion of flaw is slightly simpler by the first than your complexion, can choose the color of apricot while adding some golden elements (dark skin) ,So can well cover black orbit up. If you want to hide the flaw better, recuperate pens with a complexion first. Bright orange can further conceal and lean towards light blue shade on white skin; Suitable for olivaceous or dark skin orangely; Green can confront with each other red; Pay attention to dark yellow skin in mauve tone.

It is the operation method finally: Use the brush of some small and exquisite toper results, begin from the interior canthus, sweep outwards, and use and hide the lotion of flaw only in black orbit position. Handmade Jewelry=>Tin Box=>Imitation JewelryHide flaw lotion can aggravate some in other canthus, there can the complexion will be uneven usually. Until some semitransparent to break up powder as hide flaw movement of finishing of step make up cotton or little brush make.


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