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Nutrition truth of the fruit juice of revealed secrets

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Nutrition truth of the fruit juice of revealed secrets

It is hotter and hotter, reach a large number of seasons supplementing the moisture content of needing. It is the hot summer used to for fruit juice,whether press oneself or not buy from supermarket,Tin Box For Food feel that it is convenient to drink. Different can't equate with the fruit without knowing fruit juice, we compare according to the classifying of fruit juice now.

First, press the fruit juice deliciously:
Directly with fruit juice that fruit press, family can mean by the fruit juice oneself DIY, the hotel, bar have this kind of fruit juice that is sold too, is a lot of friends' favorite.

Advantage: 1, Nutrition is comparatively abundant, such as vitamin, mineral, candy.
2,Suitable for patient, the elderly and infant and pre-school children, its function of intestines and stomach is relatively weak, the intestines and stomach slowly wriggle, it is more difficult to digest to eat fruits, the deficiency of the nutrient component is very suitable that supplement in the meal by drinking the fruit juice.

Shortcoming: 1, Press a lot of important nutrient of fruit juice loss deliciously, the fruit is during the process of squeezing juice, cells are destroyed, various nutrient will flow out and mix together from cells. Without protection of the cell wall, those vitamins easy to be oxidized are very easy to oxidize, such as vitamin C;
When cells have not been destroyed,Heart Necklace enzyme and nutrient divide the area and is isolated, the normal situation will not react, after cells are destroyed, various oxidase and nutriment are mixed together, the response will take place, cause the losses of a large number of nutriment.
2,Behind the fruit presses the juice, we only drink water, abandon all the residue, one is mainly some insoluble fibers in the residue, these insoluble fibers stimulate the intestines to wriggle and promote and defecate to all have very good function for preventing pathological change of the system of intestines and stomach.

Second, fresh fruit juice keeping fresh and putting:
Adopt plastics to be bottled room type made of paper to keep fresh box put, mark out, keep condition to refrigerate at low temperature generally, it is relatively short, mostly only 7- 10 days. Metal Tin Box Manufacture This kind of fruit juice is generally squeezed juice deliciously, is not sterilized at high temperature, does not basically add sugar, edulcorant, preservative, save better with nutrient component. This kind of fruit juice must be kept at low temperature and drink within short time, because is quality guarantee period is very short, Cd Box Supplieractually rare on the market.
This kind of fruit juice and pluses and minuses above are basically identical, but because the time to keep and transport needs longer, nutrition losses will be greater.

Third, pure fruit juice:
Adopt carton load with or vial generally, plastics bottled, more than half a year such as holding time such as normal atmospheric temperature. The fruit juice to concentrate with whom fruit-producing area produce fruit juice recover get original density of fruit juice with water mostly, sterilize and deal with at high temperature through the twinkling of an eye.
Advantage: It is long, it is convenient to drink. The density of these kind of fruit juice should be the same with pressing the fruit juice deliciously, and approximate at least.

Shortcoming: 1, Through squeeze juice, concentrate, sterilize, deal with at high temperature, nutrient component vitamin can incur greater losses especially.
2,The flavor of the fruit slightly changes too.
3,In order to guarantee its flavor, it will very difficult to avoid the producer to add the essence to flavour.
4,The meal fiber will not be sucked.

Fourth, concentrate the fruit juice:
Multi-purpose vial or plastics are bottled, the time that the normal atmospheric temperature is kept is relatively long. This kind of fruit juice sucks more sugar and additive, will mark out that drink and use the dilution multiple for hour on the label. It is convenient to concentrate the fruit juice and carry, the sugariness is generally relatively high, taste can be regulated by oneself.
Advantage: It is long.

Shortcoming: One that is with pure fruit juice in the above is basically identical.

Fifth, fruit drink:
Containing vapour fruit drink and suck fruit drink of vapour variety a lot of, the packaging is varied too, the carton is put, the vial, plastic bottle all have. The content of the fruit juice is different too.
Advantage: It is long.

Shortcoming: 1, Much fruit drink was modulated out with essence, vitamin, mineral, candy,etc., not nearly all pure nature.
2,Because holding time is long, some will unavoidably put into preservative.
3,The meal fiber will not be sucked.
4,It is high in candy to generally exist, exert a great influence on health, Tin Can Manufactorynot a daily choice drunk. Unique Handcrafted Jewelry

First love is a test paper

First love is a test paper
She and his innocent childhood friend.
4 years old, he begins to like her.mp4 players
9 year old, study in school, she go back, let he grievance, and then classmates do not dare to bully her.
18 years old, they make an appointment in and are admitted to the same university, have a class together every day, go to the dining room of the school to have lunch together. She has an unhappy thing, still go back to look for him, it is the same to regard him as one's own eldest brother. 19 years old, he says to her: Let's become my girlfriend. She nods and promises, feels very happy.
21 years old, they said good-bye. She asks him shedding tears: Have you really fallen in love with other girls? He nods, a little helpless. She asks again: Is she very beautiful? He answers thinly: Can you affirm we are the most suitable? I do not want to give the so beautiful one youthfully to a person. You want, try I other man? After graduating, they have never had any connection.
25 years old, she became the hot woman main broadcaster, it is translated in the backstage that he does in a TV station too. These years, he one and a half of love, finish one emotion each time, can remember she.
26 years old, she gets married, just feel tired, really wants to look for a shoulder to depend on. Her main broadcaster's program, he will avoid carefully, he is afraid of seeing she on TV. Her undertaking is very good, mp4 playerbut a woman with like a mess life, house work can not be done either. The family does not hesitate to have servants, her husband is still discontended with her everywhere. Have first late, they quarrel, she went out by car turn first in the street late, did not know why, remembered him, the tears suddenly fell down.
29 years old, she divorces.
That year of 31 years old, he tossed about in bed and found her telephone number, has hesitated to type over for a long time, this 10th year when they said good-bye already. In 10, it is numerous to change a person, the view on the thing is totally different too.
That year of 31 years old, she and he met in the hall of hotels, the past event came clearly into view, through the hiccup these years, have known there are actually few emotions that is worth treasuring in the life. Two people have used the youth for 10, get back to the starting point again after forgiving a very large circle.
32 years old, they got married. Very happy after marriage. Because the marriage of going through it once and failing of hers, has already understood how to love a man; She treasures further to this emotion lost and found again. If not the experiences of these 10 years, they will not probably understand this marriage to the mutual importance.mp4 players First love is the first test paper of the love, frequently, all of us thought there are better person,etc. behind. Hardly realize, the best person is just before eyes sometimes, miss this station, miss for all one's life sometimes.
under the weather

Embrace the world with the quiet heart

Embrace the world with the quiet heart

Heart whether master of people have heavy power very, so we should pay attention to getting up aroused in interest to study in one's own whenever and wherever possible
We want, contact a lot of people every day, in frequent contact, will until friction or conflict take place to someone else unavoidably, or influence one's own mental state because of external things, this is one of a modern's general puzzlement
It is a door of very deep knowledge to want to often protect a quiet heart, not easy to accomplish
As it was when being in the seashore whether we mount the high mountain or stand, the endless scenery lets us open the heart door wide, the troubles confused in this world at this moment will all disappear and have no track, so, someone says: How it will be heart how heavy it will be large world
Our heart can look like the champaign if, ocean, the sky can hold the limitless thing when being widened equally, can enjoy the freedom of the life even more too
Heart bitter, mental state can it turns bitter to be happy while being optimistic
Zen Buddhism is especially emphasized " Usual mind " These three words
The so-called usual mind is to mean we know the right and wrong in the environment very much, fine or not and beautiful and ugly, very clear to all phenomena, but not influenced at all. In such an environment immediately, will not dance with the external world either, would not be influenced by all sorts of situations of the environment and floating too
After people have strength definitely, it is difficult to be wavered by the external situation, can keep the body and mind stable, can very clearly see one's own situation, for doing, can't do, should do, things that shouldn't be done are all very clear too -----------This is intelligence
Want, let heart keep peaceful Pure Brightness, don't heart look around with border, heart transfer with border to, lose own master, very influenced by the trends of the environment, at the time of the emergence state that that is to say, the heart should not be moved by the environment instantly at once
The simplest method is: Feeling of observing breath and coming in and going out from the nostril or observing the feeling of heart, the feeling of the body that only given to attention, the mental state is getting stable
It may not be all bad to be in fact worried, in fact it is a foundation of the heart on Pure Brightness, because to the person with the good root, while meeting difficulty, think this is a kind of trouble, hope, can become it quiet, heart for Pure Brightness, at this time, the worried heart reaches a kind of reason of helping of stone instead
So, if know how to come to handle problem mercily, would not often tie into the heart with intelligence, and can be unrestrained on Pure Brightness. That no matter the body is in any state, can keep calm, steady, the mental state freely
Close eyes think about it carefully, oneself produce and mess up a lot of thing while being angry and flightily and impatiently? Often influenced by the environment oneself? Is oneself often too angry to miss oneself for minor matter?

It is not mercy that the heart can not put down others
It has no intelligence that the heart can not put down oneself

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